I’m always amazed by how many new things I discover in the Coachella Valley.   While I have attended fund raisers for Pet Rescue’s centers and are friends of many volunteers who are very active at them, it wasn’t until recently I visited the Pet Rescue Center in Indio

My son wanted another dog as his Golden Retriever was now 16-1/2 years old.  We discussed many possible breeds, adoptions, etc.  While he pursued online a southern CA adoption which would require a trip to Carlsbad, I suggested let’s look locally. 

Our day trip started off traveling down a dirt road and came across a simple sign and a reddish orange brick house.  We knocked and when no one answered, we sheepishly opened the door.  I was quickly greeted by a 110 pound Siberian Husky when I quickly closed the door.  You never know how protective they may be.  We proceeded to knock, ring the bell and then a pleasant young man came to the door.  His dog, Char the 110 lb dog, turned out to be a very laid-back dog and was quite friendly the minute we walked in.  All the cages were empty and we were led to the back door where 20 eagerly waiting dogs were jumping for us.  After a short period of barking, they all settled down and each one was fighting at the fence for human touch and affection.  Two in particular seem to hang out at our feet just inside the fence.   One was a blonde mixed terrier and the other, I called Blackie.  Both were sweet and not aggressive.  Both were males.  While my son leaned towards blondie since it reminded him of his Golden Retriever, I favored the little black 4 month old puppy.  The puppy was a Chihuahua mix with a tuxedo white chest and one white paw who was named Bond because of his ‘tux’.  As we inquired more about each of these two dogs, we found out that the golden one had an excitable bladder issue.  This could be a problem for my son to take care of.  So we focused on Bond and was granted singular access to him inside the home.


Once inside, Bond was affectionate to my son and was very curious typical of a puppy.  He was calmer than most puppies I had been around.  We petted, hugged, played and sat with him for 30 minutes.  My son with his own puppy dog eyes, looked at me and said “What do you think?”  I told him we promised each other that we would not take home a dog today but would think about it.  I agreed with him that Bond was adorable and seemed like he had a good disposition. 

We decided to do the rest of our errands and talk about this big decision.  By the end of the day, we were back at the Pet Rescue Center to play with Bond once again.  Bond now had become Guinness.  My son’s other dog is name Molson Golden after the beer.  So since this dog was so dark, he wanted it to be another beer – thus Guinness Golden was born.    

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